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Hey there, welcome to VAST Film and Photography. We're a wedding photography and wedding videography company near Guildford in Surrey.

We are Julian and Heidi. We're professional photographers and videographers, who also happen to be engaged. We have 10 years of combined experience doing luxury wedding photography and luxury wedding videography.  After meeting each other and gaining vast experience (like what we did there?) in the industry, we decided that we no longer wanted to work for others, so together we launched VAST Film and Photography.

Shoots On a Farm?

We're fortunate enough to live on a family farm in a place called Dunsfold. It's a tiny village, that's in between Godalming and Guildford in Surrey. You may know it if you watch Top Gear, the racetrack is just behind our field. We have some fantastic locations on our doorstep that are perfect for engagement shoots - fields of bluebells, haystacks, wooded areas, barns and fields of rapeseed are just some of our locations and ideas for engagement shoots. Don't worry, we can also do your shoot at a location of your choice.

Wedding Photographers in Surrey...

A wedding wouldn't be complete without documentary wedding photographers there to capture those beautiful moments of you and your newly married husband or wife. Candid wedding photography is incredibly popular. We all love to see natural moments caught on camera of people laughing and dancing the night away.

This style of photography is also referred to as photojournalism, but we'll stick with documentary. Many people get confused about what to call it, so natural wedding photography will also do just fine. We hope this clears up any confusion for you and you'll be glad to know that our style is mostly documentary, but we do also throw a little traditional wedding photography into the mix. We offer a range of wedding photography packages, so it's best to send us the information, and we'll get back to you with a quote.


Surrey Wedding Videographers...

If you're contemplating whether to invest in a wedding videographer besides a wedding photographer, then you should consider the 'Pros Vs. Cons'. 

Let's start with the 'cons'- Costs a little extra. 

Now we're done with that, onto the 'pros' - An immersive movie that mentally teleports you back to relive your special day, which you can watch over and over again anytime on your phone, tablet, computer or TV. A video has great depth and emotion that photos can never portray.

Your wedding day is something truly unique. It's a day you seal the deal, and two become one. It's an unbeatable way to show others who may not have been able to make your wedding, just how amazing it was. Many people wish that they'd spent that little extra for wedding videography when it's already too late. 
If you've not already viewed our videos, please do check them out first. We love creating cinematic wedding videos, which are filmed in super slow-motion. Much like our style of photography, our wedding videography style is documentary, but like in previous video productions, we can include a montage on your wedding day. Videos aren't just for your special day - we also make wedding engagement movies. Please do enquire with us if you'd love to find out more about our wedding video packages.

Portraiture & Studio Photography...

Great news, we don't just offer wedding photography and wedding videography packages. A large majority of our work and enquiries are portraiture photography, things such as family photoshoots, newborn photography, business headshots, group and couple photography. We absolutely love documentary photography and capturing the lifestyle of others, which is why our 'home-based' photoshoots are becoming increasingly popular.


In our abundance of kit, we have a photography studio, with lights and a variety of coloured backdrops which we can take to you. If you decide that you want our family photoshoot package or newborn photography package, we can also do it on location, perhaps on our farm click here to read more on our farm.

Why choose us?...

By now, we hope you have a good idea as to who we are, and the services and packages we offer. We fully appreciate that weddings are costly and that saving money by finding cheap wedding photographers or videographers is what you're most likely looking for. 
We 'put our hands up' and admit that we won't be the cheapest out there, however, what we can guarantee is we have the top of the range equipment which is a must if you're seeking impeccable quality. But, besides having the right tools and more importantly, we also have the knowledge and experience to back it.

Although something we can guarantee is that we do price competitively. Instead of offering fixed packages with services that may not be of interest to you, we prefer to find out from you what it is that you require so we can tailor a package to your needs to help make it affordable.

Destination Weddings...

​Despite being based near to Guildford, we cover local areas such as Woking, Weybridge, Cobham, Oxshott, Epsom and the rest of Surrey. We accept bookings across the entire UK and even offer destination wedding photography packages. So no matter if you're based in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Cardiff or in the counties surrounding Surrey. We're more than happy to travel. It's our favourite hobby.

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