The best part about choosing us as your wedding photographers is that not only do we not charge any extra for having a second photographer, but we have a larger skillset than just an individual photographer who does their edits single-handedly. After all two sets of eyes are better than one! We each have a style of edit that we prefer, plus some we each like. Here’s the best part - how many photographers images have you seen and thought “I love the image but not the edit”. Most photographers will stick with their preferred style and no more. Not us! You tell us, which edits you most like and we tailor our editing style around you at no extra cost. So, whether you like the matte film look, bright and cool, or sharp and vivid, we are able to do that for you.

Please do take your time to carefully browse our website, view our Instagram and watch our YouTube channel. It’s a great way to see who we are as people and to make sure that we are the right match for you.

Thanks for stopping by - we’d love to hear from you,

Julian & Heidi.

Meet The Team

Julian & Heidi

Heyy, we're Julian & Heidi.

We’re two professional photographers based in Soth East England, covering Kent, and surounding counties. We're destination photographers who are happy to travel to any destination within the UK or internationally. We especially enjoy photographing Weddings, Families, Christenings, Events and Real Estate.

We ourselves are a couple, who do literally everything together; exercise, work, travel and support. When it comes to cute couples shots, we can pretty much certify that you won’t know anyone else who will have more soppy photos than us, honest - view our self-portraits

Film and photography are passions and hobbies of ours. When we’re not working, we’re travelling -taking many self-portraits and creating vlogs for our YouTube channel.

Two minds are better than one, although we’re still figuring out where to find the second mind! Instead of continuing with our own individual businesses, we decided that we would storm the industry by force, and what better way to do it with the person you love and best friend?

Why the business name VAST? Well, it's an acronym that pretty much defines who we are.

'V' in VAST represents our passion and desire for plant-based food, 'Veganism'. We live a relatively healthy lifestyle when it involves our diet, but don't be mistaken, there's plenty of Vegan junk food available! 

'A' is for 'Adventure'. When we're not snapping away, hard at work or seeing our family and friends, we love adventurous day trips or activities.

'S' is a pretty obvious one, but you may struggle to figure it out? 'Snapshots'!

'T' should be pretty apparent if you read the above? 'Travel' is by far our favourite hobby.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, we hope to hear from you!

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