Behind the Lens - Our Love Story.

In today's blog post, we thought we would introduce ourselves and let you know our love story as to how we met, plus our passions for photography, combining to form VAST Film and Photography.

So let's go back to where it all began. It all started at the end of August 2018. At the time, we were both working for an international school portraiture company. Our jobs were to make children laugh to get a great smile out of them, plus commercial, group and event photography. We both loved our jobs. It allowed us to travel the

world and visit countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Qatar, Spain, Amsterdam and a few more.

And if you didn't know, Travel is our second favourite hobby.

Anyway, so we were assigned jobs and flew out to the location to complete the job. Heidi is originally from Dunsfold in surrey in the UK, and Julian is from Epsom in surrey. We only lived 50 minutes from each other. But we met for the first time in Singapore.

We stayed in an apartment with our team, in the hope that we all got on (which we did). We both connected really well. It occurred to us that we had everything going in common, our photography passion, our desire to travel, our love for fitness and personal development, we're both also plant-based too.

We couldn't quite believe it ourselves, and it was almost destiny. Neither of us was in search of a partner, the right person just came along into our lives. We swept each other off our feet.

After the completion of our photography season, we decided to take some time out to travel South-East Asia together. We visited Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia for Seven weeks. It was time for us to connect, time for us to have fun to see if we really were the perfect match. And well, now we're here engaged and owning a business together.

To this day, that trip is still one of our favourites.

Here are a few of our favourite pictures captured during our 7 week trip around south-east Asia.

So there you have it, the love story and what a story it is (for us). We documented our whole journey with photographs as we knew we would. We can't wait to sit down after dinner and show our children how we met.

If you liked this blog, then stay tuned as we will be having much more like this along with some video styled vlogs.

Much Love,

Julian & Heidi x


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