How to prepare for an engagement shoot with us.

In today's blog, we wanted to talk about engagement! Being engaged is a huge milestone, and if you are engaged, we want to start by saying a massive congratulations! And what better way of celebrating than to book an engagement shoot with us. One of our favourite celebrations to shoot is an engagement shoot ( and of course the wedding day itself). Being engaged is a magical feeling; the excitement is fizzling inside of you, you feel nervous yet relieved, you want everyone to know your exciting news. Trust us; we know the feeling as we are newly engaged ourselves.

Having photos with your lover during this time will not only give you some loving memories to look back on but also pictures to share with your friends, family members and loved ones.

Our style of photos is fun, relaxed and candid. We like to capture the raw moments, the inside jokes the cheesy bits. We want you to feel comfortable enough around us to come out of your shell and show off your personality. We won't judge as we ourselves are a supper crazy couple, plus we are happy to demonstrate a pose.

With poses in mind, we have a selection of ideas that we may ask you to do. However, we prefer to let things happen naturally, and if you dont feel comfortable to do something we ask, then dont feel you have to it's your photoshoot after all. With that being said, if you know of some fun ideas, let us know, we love trying out new things as well.

Our engagement sessions usually last an hour, although we dont time it and if we run over we won't charge you. Now an hour might sound like a long time, but we can assure you that when your in the moment time will fly and you will want more.

As for locations we offer our engagement shoots on a location outdoors of your choice we can meet you there, or if you dont have any ideas, we have a family-owned farm ready and waiting for you to come and have some country farm photos. Not keen on having an outdoor photoshoot or scared it may rain? No worries, we have a portable studio which we can bring to you, or you can come to us, we have a choice of different backgrounds, lighting techniques and the options for outfit changes. If a studio shoot might sound more appealing to you, get in touch now.

Now onto the point of this blog, how can you as our clients prepare for a shoot? Well, first of all, we want you to remember how amazing you are, get excited as this is going to be so much fun, get dressed up or dressed down, it's up to you. Each session is different; we want you to express yourself as a couple, wear your favourite outfits or dress up in a fancy dress, we dont care whatever makes you feel good and smile as thats what these photos are really about - about having fun.

After the shoot is over what to expect?

One the completion of your photoshoot, we usually allow a 1-2 week turn around. We will make sure to edit your photos in a style that suits you. Trust us as the editors we know our stuff, and we will ensure your photos look fab. However, if you have a style you like in mind and want us to edit your photos in, do let us know as we can do custom edits at no extra cost.

Once your photos are ready, we will upload them onto a private online gallery on our website. We will then send you an email with your personalized name and password, so you can access them and start sharing the love. You will be easily able to download or share your photos from your online album so dont worry. If you're having trouble though, do drop us a message and we will respond as soon as possible to help you out.

Now the fun doesn't stop there, if our standards met your needs then we hope we will follow on to capture your wedding day to continue the fun! Make sure to stay in touch with us after.

So there you have it, the prosses from start to finish, Now here is a selection of photos from our branding shoot with a beautiful young couple called Faye and Herbie.

We hope you enjoyed the read, and we look forward to capturing your engagement.

Love VAST.


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