How to Stay Motivated During Lockdown.

In today's post, as it is all very relevant to everyone's ones lives at the moment. We wanted to discuss lockdown. But more importantly, how to stay motivated.

If you want to hear more from us and see our faces, we have also included a video where we talk about our lockdown experiences of things we have been up too along with what lockdown has taught us. You can skip right to the bottom if you'd like to watch.

To us, everything happens for a reason, and we are very chilled out laid back individuals that will happily go where the wind takes us. We can adapt in any situation, including going into lockdown.

As a business, the lockdown has prevented us from photographing our lovely client's weddings, engagement shoots, newborn shoots plus being able to attend wedding fairs, created and conduct branding shoots and meeting more amazing people within the industry. Along with our ability to travel!

But, as we always try to see the positives in every situation, lockdown may have locked us in. But, it has given up time to catch up on emails, ensure our website and socials are proffering at there highest standards, plan for where we want the business to grow next and also create more blogs as we are right now.

Im sure you can relate in some way even if you're not a photographer. You may be a hairdresser or head chef, as much as you love and miss your job, this has have given you more time to focus on personal projects, learn a new skill or even relax as you may have been going 100 miles per hour without even realizing - we are all guilty of this. Or you may have a family, and it has given you more time with them to have fun while focusing on what matters in life.

But, as with everything in life, there are always ups and downs, especially when it comes to staying motivated. Thats why in this Blog we want to give you seven tips on how to stay motivated.

1) Have Structure to your day - As easy as it can be to stay in your PJ's all day and watch tv it won't make you feel good. Thats why we recommend getting up, getting dressed as you will be amazed at the difference in your mood by just changing outfit. If you have a dog, plan to walk them every morning to get you up and out of the house, if not then schedule a time in the morning when you will work out this will help to get the structure started. Have set times when your working and make sure to take breaks too.

2) Exercise. Everybody knows the vast benefits that come from exercising, thats why we recommend trying to fit in a bit of movement every day, even if it's just a short walk. Our personally favourite ways to exercise are road cycling, hiking, or HIT / weighted workouts. If you have a work out buddy too even better as you can help motivate each other.

3) Lists - Heidi loves a good list. Righting lists makes you feel good to get all your plans out onto paper plus the process of compiling a task then ticking it off is so satisfying. You may choose to write all your goals down at the start of lockdown and tick them off as you go. If you'd like to write out a daily list, then whatever works for you.

4) Time for you. If your working from home during lockdown make sure you take regular breaks plus make sure to take your weekends too. Being in one place can cause you to -without knowing- get stuck in an unhealthy living pattern. That's why it so so important to do things you love as well.

Some of our favourites are:

  • Cooking

  • Painting

  • Writing poems

  • taking photos

  • Create a personal blog

  • Reading

  • Sunbathing

  • Having a hot bath

  • Watching Netflix

  • Zooming a Friend

5) Staying Positive. As easy or hard as it may sound, try and remain positive with looking on the bride side. Let lockdown be your time out, a time to flush away the old. We will all get through this, coming out the overside better people, kinder people.

6) Yoga / stay present. Yoga and meditation have a numerous amount of health benefits. If you're having a bad day and dont feel like doing anything, try to push yourself to try a simple yoga flow, with mindfulness during deep breathing. Remember yoga isn't about being perfect; yoga is out letting go. Some days you may be able to stretch further than others and know that thats okay.

7) Diet. It can be effortless to slip into a hole of eating crips while watching Netflix. As much as doing this is essential from time to time, creating a healthier overall diet will not only make you healthier but make you feel better, also think better, which will generate more motivation.

Use this lockdown period as your time to get fit and start a new way of living. We love eating plant-based as it makes us feel our best, we are also huge foodies, so being able to eat unlimited veggies, fruits and grains is an ideal lifestyle. Lockdown had given us time to perfect and create recipes for our favourite meals.

Our favourite go-to cookbooks are:

  • Five ingredient Vegan by Katy Beskow

  • Naturally Stefanie by Stefanie Moir.

We hope these tips and trick help you during the lockdown, remember that not every day you will feel motivated and thats okay, maybe these tips will help or you will give in and relax! This is completely okay too.

Stay safe everyone, and we will see you in the next Blog.

Love VAST x


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