Wedding Video Filmed In Kuala Lumpur - Simran & Parvin

In August, VAST Film and Photography ventured to Kuala Lumper in Malaysia to film our first ever wedding video and attend our first Punjabi wedding.

Meet Simran and Parvin, a beautiful newlywed couple who recently married in Kuala Lumper. We were delighted when they wanted to hire VAST Film and Photography as their wedding videographers, in partnership with DJP Vision Photography based in Singapore. Head over if you want to see more of their work.

Forget what you know about traditional Christian weddings - if you're not familiar with Punjabi weddings you'd struggle to guess what happens at a traditional wedding. The video was filmed over two days, the first was the marriage and the second was the celebration. Throughout the day of the marriage, multiple traditional ceremonies take place throughout the entire day. The second day consisted of 1 festival sized marquee, 350 guests, bar staff, waiters, a production team, a stage, a presenter and dancers. Throughout the evening, there were 4 dance shows, plus consistent entertainment on stage.

It was indeed an incredible, insightful, and fun experience. We go as far as saying it was the most fun wedding we'd ever been to so far.

In total, we had approximately 3000 video clips to source through. As you can imagine, it's not an easy task. We finally whittled it down to the selected clips that make up this 8:51 video. It hasn't been easy or quick, and there is no easy way to create a captivating video, but we couldn't be any more pleased with the result if we do say so ourselves!

Looking back at photos is great, but watching a movie of the most memorable day of your life is greater in our opinion. Even better, why not have both to look back and treasure that once in a lifetime experience?

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